5th grade

5th Grade


**We will only have test forecasts on the website.  It is the responsibility of the student to write in their planner the daily assignments and bring them back complete.  This is part of the preparation for middle school.  They quickly get this if they are held accountable for their responsibility.  They are given partial credit when an assignment is forgotten and returned within a resonable amount of time.


I will be checking planners for a couple of weeks and then I will back off to help get them used to Middle School.  They will be writing in it daily, but I won't be signing it.

I am also tightening up on handwriting and writing in complete sentences.  If something turned in is not quality work and done per instructions, they will be asked to redo this work.  Slow down and double check.

Students should be taking the math work home daily to have it checked by parents.


 Week of May 2-5

Monday - Chapter 13 SS Test

Tuesday - 

Wednesday -

Thursday -



Week of April 25th - 29th - TESTING ALL WEEK

Monday - Reading Test - The Hindenburg

Tuesday - Sounds game

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday- Spelling Test -