Classroom Procedures and Policies

Classroom Procedures and Policies:

  • No food, candy, Sunflower Seeds, gum, or drinks will be allowed in any of the PE areas.
  • No horseplay, screaming or yelling will be tolerated.
  • No Cell Phones in any of the PE areas
  • Absolutely no student is allowed to go in any storage room.
  • Students will come in and sit in assigned spots on gym floor for role.
  • The PE teacher will dismiss students to locker room and activity area.
  • Students must participate, and students must stay on task, in order to receive participation points. 
  • When the whistle is blown, or a verbal command is given, students will gather equipment and put it in its proper place.
  • After changing out in locker room Students will use restroom or sit on benches and wait patiently.
  • Students will stay in locker room until they are excused by the teacher