Dress Policy

P.E. Dress Policy:

  • Students must wear proper non-marking tennis shoes that are properly laced up and tied.
  • Students must wear a proper school PE uniform.  If student forgets PE Uniform, loaner uniforms are available for a deduction of half the student’s points for that day. 
    • After 3 uses of loaner uniforms, student will receive lunch detention.
    •  If student refuses to wear Loaner uniform – Lunch detention is assigned and loss of dress out points.
  • NO Sagging of shorts
  • If desired, sweats (not pajama bottoms) may be worn in addition to the uniform, but not in place of it. 
  • No clothing with zippers or buttons allowed. 
  • No jewelry, cell phones, hats, music devices or writing utensils allowed in the PE area.
  • Students receive points for dressing out and will lose all points if not completely dressed out for PE.
  • Students will receive lunch detention for refusing to dress out.