Grading Procedures

Grading Procedures:

Each student’s grade will be determined by the percentage of total points earned out of the total points possible.  The LCSD scale will then be applied:

A = (100-90) B = (89-80) C = (79-70) D = (69-60) F = (59-below)



Students will earn points each day for participation.  Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability in a cooperative manner.  Students must stay on task to receive the full points, otherwise points will be deducted.  If student is ill or injured, a note is required to be excused, as follows:


Doctor’s Medical Excuse:  Must state why the student is excused and for how long.  The note must be dated and signed by a doctor on the medical form, (with a phone number for the medical facility/doctor under which the student received treatment).  If for some reason the student cannot make it to a doctor right away, a parent/guardian must write a note stating what is wrong and when student will be seen by a doctor.  The student will then receive an alternate assignment (Ex: Walking laps instead of running).  Student will still be required to change out to receive dress out points.


Unless participating in an athletic event, if a student is absent, UN/excused, NO points are awarded!  To earn points back, a student must do make-up work!

Make-up Work:  Write a 1 page reflection/summary on a sports article, to be turned in with a copy of the article attached.


Testing will include, but not limited to:

1.Fitness Testing, both goal based and improvement based (3 Times in a semester)

2. Weekly P.A.C.E.R. test (Done each week) based on improvement.

3.Written Exams