MR. McMackin's Physical Education Classes


Silverland Middle School



Mr. McMackin




Course Description:

Physical Education is an activity-oriented course designed to provide students with the physical skills and knowledge needed for use in sports and leisure time activities.  The physical education program at Silverland Middle School will provide your child with experiences in basic human movement, individual and team sports, and recreational activities, while emphasizing fitness, problem solving, cooperation, team work, self-discipline, respect and pride.



Our objectives are quite simple, yet so very critical to success.  We have committed to emphasizing character skills as elements of success.  In addition to emphasizing these character skills, we will continue to strive to develop all goals that have been set forth under the LCSD standards for physical education.  The students will:


  1. Develop skills through selected and guided physical activities.
  2. Develop knowledge of rules, skills, techniques, and strategies necessary to be successful for those units covered.
  3. Develop strength, power, motor ability and endurance through regular performance of exercises and guided activities.
  4. Exhibit respect though demonstration of courtesy and cooperation while interacting in a group and guided activities.
  5. Demonstrate acceptance of responsibility, by attending and participating in physical education classes.




Should problems arise; the Silverland Middle School Discipline policy will be followed!  No Exceptions!



Students need to be on time.  If a student is not in the locker room prior to the tardy bell, that student will be marked tardy.  Students also need to be dressed according to policy and in place for roll call by the time students hear a whistle (4-5 minutes), or those students will earn a tardy. 



The citizenship grade is based upon the teacher’s discretion of the student’s ability to exhibit the following:  Honesty, Respect for Rules, Respect for Private Property, Punctuality, Cooperation, Self-Discipline, Courtesy, Leadership and Initiative.

  • (E) Exemplary = Student that goes above and beyond to help out and shows good leadership skills along with all things outlined above.
  • (S) Satisfactory = Student that does what is expected of them and is asked of them along with all the things outlined above.
  • (N) Needs Improvement = Student that needs  little reminding to be respectful as well as staying on task
  • (U) Unsatisfactory = Student that is constantly being asked to get back on task and has been sent out of the class to do refocuses or has been sent to the office.  (EX: Constantly goofing off, arguing with P.E. staff members, cannot keep hands to self, Using equipment inappropriately, Refusing to participate in class).