ABOUT ME: My name is Sean Couvillion! I am so glad to be your teacher this year. This school year (2017-2018) I will be teaching Biology I (H), Chemistry I (H), and Anatomy & Physiology (DE). I am a product of St. Tammany Parish myself, I graduated from Fountainebleau High School in 2010 and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I graduated from University of Louisiana in 2014 with my Bachelor's of Science in General Biology and a minor in Chemistry. In the spring of 2015 I complete all certification for Louisiana Board and was certified to teach all secondary science courses. Over the summer of 2017, I returned to Baton Rouge to earn my certification to teach Dual Enrollment science courses, and as a result, this year I will be teaching Dual Enrollment Anatomy & Physiology, which is dual enrolled at LSU.

WHAT I TEACH: This year I am teaching Biology I (H), Chemistry I (H), and Anatomy & Physiology (DE). This is my third year teaching Biology and Chemistry, and my first year teaching Dual Enrollment Anatomy & Physiology. My favorite course to teach is Biology because it explores all aspects of life, including the cell, genetics, inheritance, evolution, etc. I also love Anatomy & Physiology because I love learning about the human body and its aspects.

CONTACT: If you would like to contact me, please email me at smcouvillion@yahoo.com, I check my email frequently and respond within 1-2 hours. If you would like to setup an appointment to talk to me, please do so by calling the Lakeshore High School office phone at 985.624.5046.

OTHER INFO: Other than teaching science here at LHS, I also serve as the department chair for Science and I serve as the sponsor for Ambassadors Club and the National Honor Society and I also serve as the sophomore class sponsor.

Lakeshore High School Alma Mater

Come and walk by my side

Through the doors of Lakeshore High

Altogether, friends old and new

Lakeshore we will honor you

With hope and gladness singing

“Alma Mater we love you!”

We will never forget you

Dear Lakeshore High