Online Resources

Literacy Resources


Math Resources

Starfall ( is a
cite students are familar with becuase we use
this cite during literacy centers
gooeyhome.html) is a good cite for
students needingextra listening practice.
Tar Heel Reader (
allows students tocreate stories online and
is good practice for writing and typing.
Free Math Games (
will help your student practice addition and
subtraction,which is beneficial for ALL students!
is a cite full of games for your child to practice
different math skills.
BBC Math
is a website in which students can
practice many different math necessities by topic.

Social Studies



This Social Studies Website
will allow students to practice their map skills in a fun
manner using games!
Ben's Guide ( allows students
to explore the US Government using Ben Franklin as a guide.
BrainPOP Jr. (
is full of videos regarding social studies ideas.
This will help students who need more information on a topic
Kidport (
will allow students to explore different topics that are related
to topics we study in class.
ScienceWorld (
is a wonderful website for students who want to explore Science
further than we have in school.
SpaceWeather ( is a
website about the relationship between the sun and the
earth in which the "weather" of space changes. This will be
beneficial for students who are curious about outer space.