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Comprehensive facilities can meet your short-term liquidity requirements by discounting future posted checks (PDC). Our cheque discounting service provides instant access to liquidity by discounting checks and simultaneously crediting your account. The check discount product is a circular financing mechanism that reduces the company's cash conversion cycle and improves liquidity throughout the year.


Features of Cheque Discounting


  • Offered to UAE registered businesses and UAE Nationals
  • Competitive Revolving facility which reduces the company's cash conversion cycle, and improves liquidity.
  • High Facility limits
  • Flexible tenors ranging between 30 days to 120 days for discounting
  • Low Interest rates
  • Low Cheque Discounting Commission per cheque
  • Low Processing Fees


A letter of credit is a financial document used in international trade. This is the payment guarantee provided by the bank to the commodity supplier. If the buyer does not pay, the "letter of credit" issued by the bank is a promise to the seller. The letter of credit in Dubai is called "the lifeblood of international trade."


Commercial Vehicle Loan Dubai

In Dubai, the price of a new car can range from several thousand to several million, depending on the make or model. Of course, not everyone can make the full payment. If you do not have the necessary funds, or prefer to use the remaining cash for other expenses, you can apply for a car loan in Dubai at any time. But first, you need to understand how the process works in the UAE. Depending on your situation and financial situation, the "automatic loan eligibility requirements" are different. Whether you're looking for a commercial vehicle loan in Dubai or want to finance a new wheelset Smefin will help you.


When the business expands, it generally requires investments in equipment, machinery equipment loan UAE, vehicle equipment, and other business assets. Solutions provided by CBD Commercial Bank can meet business asset or equipment purchase requirements. The product package provided includes different types of equipment, such as construction equipment, medical equipment, and professional equipment. The structure of these offers allows clients to choose to use their assets as funds for purchase transactions. If you need loans against construction equipment loan finance.


Trade and Working capital financing is commercial financing intended to increase the company's available working capital. It is usually used for specific growth projects, such as signing larger contracts or investing in new markets. Develop businesses, which will recover in the short and medium term.


Asset financing means using assets from the balance sheet, inventory, short-term investments, etc. from the business to obtain loans or borrow money. The company that borrows these funds must provide the lender with a collateral on the assets. Asset financing allows companies to buy equipment, such as machinery, vehicles, or almost any equipment that helps strengthen their business. This also helps free up cash from the value of assets the business already owns. Asset financing Dubai is a form of financing that applies to the purchase of tangible and intangible assets.