Math 3.17

Module 5-Lesson 1

Who's excited about our new math unit? I am! Do you remember those days when adding and subtracting seemed so tricky? Now you guys are getting so good at it! You're mathmeticians (pronounced "math-ma-tish-ins")!  

For Parents

For Students

The slides for the first lesson of Unit 5  are below.  You can use your place value disks if you brought them home, but the slides also present them for you. Don't forget to keep your math notebook close by in case you need to use it.  After you watch the slides, you can click here to get your problem sets, exit ticket, and homework.  If you'd like, you don't have to print these out.  Just copy them in your math notebook.  








If you need place value disks, you can use the ones we use online at school.