Math 3.25

For the Grown-Ups

Good morning!  I've included the instructional video for this lesson below.  New strategies for solving problems can be really frustrating for those of us who learned math using the traditional methods. But, it's amazing to see what our kids can do with many of these less traditional strategies! The goal of letting the students practice many different strategies is that they can find one that makes sense to them.  I always tell the kids to at least try the new strategy but, that as long as I can see their work, they can use any strategy they'd like.  

For Students

Today we're going to try another strategy for subtracting.  We tried out this strategy before with two-digit (two place values) numbers.  Do you remember searching for benchmark numbers (7's benchmark number is 10, 38's benchmark is 40, 97's benchmark number is 100, and 297's benchmark number is 300)? Let's take a look to see if this strategy looks familiar (that word sounds like "fuh-mil-yer").


As always, you can print out the Problem Set (if your grown-up says it's okay), use the Problem Set in your binder, or use your math notebook to write down the problems. 

Click here for your Problem Set for Lesson 6.