Math 3.26

For the Grown-Ups

In this lesson, your child will be reviewing someone else's work to figure out if they correctly solved the problem.  I ask them to pretend to be teachers who are correcting their students' work.  They'll have to determine which student has the right answer, but they'll also have to figure out where the students with the wrong answer made their mistake.  This lesson asks them to think critically about the different strategies for solving problems.  

For the Kids

Today, you will get to be the teacher! Your students have turned in their work and some have correct answers, but some have incorrect answers.  They have used the arrow way, tape diagrams, place value disks, unit adding (adding the 100's, then 10's, and then 1's), or vertical style (lining up your place values and adding or subtracting up and down) to solve the problems.  Your job today is to read the directions for each problem and see which of your students has the right answer.  You'll also have to show your students where they went wrong if their answer is incorrect. Let's take a look through the slides.  Please carefully read each slide as you go along. 

As always, if you have the binder that is where your Problem Set is and you can do it on the Problem Set page.  If you don't have the binder, ask a grown-up if you can print these pages.  If you don't have a printer that works, you can copy the problems out into your math notebook.