Math 3.30

For the Grown-Ups

If it seems like we practice using different strategies to add and subtract often, it's because we do!  That's one of the main shifts that we noticed in the Common Core Standards.  We're no longer just exposing our students to adding and subtracting with one strategy, and then moving on to the next topic.  The goal of the standards is to create mastery of a make sure the students understand the "why" and not just the "how".  We immerse the students in learning many different strategies so that they can choose which one makes the most sense to them.  

For the Kids

Happy Monday!  Today, we're going to practice using both our place value disks and vertical math (columns lined up and down) to solve some addition problems.  Let's take a look at the slides to practice. 

  • Here is your Problem Set.  Don't forget to show me both the place value disk strategy and the vertical math strategy. As always, you have three choices in how you want to show your work.  You can use the copy of the Problem Set that's in your binder, you can print your Problem Set out, or you can copy the problems on a piece of paper to solve.