Math 3.18

laugh Good morning! Did you understand the joke? The 4's didn't feel like eating because they already "ate".  The words ate and eight are homophones, which are two words that sound the same but are spelled differently.  Homophones are often what joke-writers use to make their jokes funny.  I think you should try to write a joke using a homophone! If you do, a grown-up can send me your joke on Class Dojo, and I'll share your joke with your friends on our website.

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Let's go through the slides for lesson 2.  You can click on the arrows to go forward to the next slide, or to go back if you missed something.  Here we go!

When you're finished and ready to practice, you can get your math pack by clicking here.  Remember, you can also do the problems in your math notebook if you want.  Just please write Lesson 2 at the top of your page.