Reading 3.18

The read-aloud for today is Boxitects , written by Kim Smith. 

This is the cover of the book.  Let's make a prediction! What do you think this story will be about?  What clues from the cover helped you make your prediction?

















Comprehension Questions

  1. What was the problem in the story?
  2. How was the problem solved?
  3. What was the lesson learned in this story?  What did the character learn that would help her be a better person?
  4. If you were a boxitext, what would you build?

Guess what! You can be a boxitect also!  Click on the link below to go to PBS Kids Design Squad and learn about building with cardboard.  Do you have any cardboard laying around your house?  Let's ask a grown-up if you can use it to build a structure.  Then, the grown-up can send me a picture of your structure through Dojo and we can share it on our website!  Have  fun!