Reading 3.19

Did anyone build any cardboard structures yesterday?  We did!






After Parker learned that cardboard is not for eating, we made two cardboard structures.







What do you think Parker and Piper built?


Today we're going to listen to one of my favorite books!  Iggy Peck, Architect. Do you know what an architect (ark-uh-tekt) is? It's a person who designs buildings.  Remember when we made structures out of place value blocks and we had to total up the sum of the structure?  When you designed your structure, you were an architect! 

Let's take a look at the cover of this book and make some predictions.









  • What do you think it will be about? 
  • What is the child on the cover doing?
  • What do you think the lady watching is thinking?
  • What do you predict the problem in the story could be?
  • What clues from the cover helped you make this prediction?
  • Does this book remind you of another book we've already read? 

This book has some interesting words that you may never have heard before.  Let's take a look at them before we listen to the book.








As we listen to the story, pay attention to all the different things Iggy Peck builds. Think about why and how he builds each one.


  • Who is the main character of this story?
  • What character traits would you use to describe Iggy?
  • What does Iggy build?
  • Why does he build each of his creations?
  • What problem did each solve or purpose did each serve?
  • How does he use different materials to build an arch, a castle, and a bridge?
  • How do Iggy and his classmates work together in the end?