Reading 3.23


The book being read aloud today is titled Wilma Jean, The Worry Machine.  We learned that titles can help us figure out what the main idea of a text is.  Using the title, make a prediction on what you think this story will be about.  

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  • Think about something that was worried you. What was your worry?
  • What did it feel like when you worried?
  • Why do you think people worry?
  • Does worrying help people?








  • What was the main problem in the story?
  • What are some of the worries Wilma Jean has?
  • What happens to Wilma Jean when she worries?
  • What did Wilma Jean’s teacher do to help Wilma Jean with her worrying?
  • Why is sorting our worries (like Wilma Jean’s teacher did) helpful?

Let's give it a try! We are going to make a list like Wilma Jean’s teacher did. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of the paper. Label the left side as "Worries"". Label the right side "Unworries".  Start by writing down your worries in the left column. Then, brainstorm solutions/unworries for each worry. Sometimes we have worries we can’t control, like the weather, so we need to use coping skills to deal with these worries. Coping skills are things that we can do to help us deal with tricky things. For example, when I am scared or upset, I like to talk to a friend or read a book to calm down. Wilma Jean used a hat that she imagined can take away all her worries as her coping skill.  I found this cool A-Z Coping Skills poster if you need some ideas.










Here's an example:

Worries Unworries

1. I worry that I will

not finish my work in time.

1. I can go to a quiet place

to work.  I can set a goal

for myself to work for 10 

minutes and take a stretch. 

After my stretch, I can start 

the 10 minutes again.










Main Idea Review

Let's review what the main idea of a text is.  Please play the video below to review.







Now, let's have a little fun practicing! This is a link to a main idea game you can play.