Reading 3.25

Character's Feelings

Characters is fiction books have feelings just like we do. This week, as we're focusing on feelings, I am choosing books that help us learn what characters do when they feel worry creep into their thoughts. This is the book we'll be reading today. 

Image result for is worry worrying you book







  • When you look at the cover, what are two things you notice?
  • Using your schema (sk-ee-ma=what you already know) about the books we've read the past couple of days, along with the clues on the cover (the title and illustrations) to make a prediction on what you think this book will be about.

Things to Think About After Reading

  • How did the illustrator help us picture a worry? What did she use to represent ("rep-ree-sent") a worry?
  • According to the book, what might the thought of a worry stop you from?
  • Why won't you find a worry?
  • How might a worry make you feel?
  • What might a worry make you feel like you are carrying on your back? What do you think the author means by that?
  • What did the author mean when she said that the worry will stay as long as we let it? Is that true?
  • What did you learn from this story?

Art Activities

You can draw, or create a collage with pictures, of a calm/happy brain and a worry brain. What would it look like?  You can also draw your own worry monster.  What would it look like?  I'd love to see your art activities, so have a grown-up snap a picture of it and send it to me through Dojo!

Simple activity to raise awareness of worried thoughts and thoughts used to counter them.