Reading 3.26

You've probably noticed by now that our read-alouds have been focused on characters who are feeling worried.  Can you think of any synonyms for the word "worried"? Nervous might be one.  I know that a lot of people are feeling nervous right now, and that's okay.  It's okay to feel worried or nervous, but we can't let that be the only feeling we feel...because that wouldn't be any fun laugh! My hope is that, through listening to the read-alouds, you're getting some ideas about what we can do with our worries, so we have room to feel other feelings.  This book that we're listening to today is called Ruby Finds a Worry.  

Before Reading

Let's look at the cover.

Image result for ruby finds a worry activities










  • What do you think you might already know about the girl on the cover? 
  • What do you think might happen in her story?


After Reading

  • What happened to Ruby's worry each day?
  • What do you notice about the way color is used in the book? How does it make you feel to see everything in the background turning to black, white, and gray? What do you think it tells us about Ruby and her feelings?
  • According to the book, what's the worst thing you can ever do with a worry?
  • Ruby finds a boy who also has a worry. Look closely at the differences in the color and texture of Ruby’s worry and the boy’s worry . What do you notice? Do you think everyone has the same worries? 
  • According to the book, what is the best thing you can ever do if you have a worry? 
  • Do you think Ruby’s worry has gone away forever? What do you think she might do next time it comes back?
  •  We all have worries, but Ruby taught us an important lesson about how to handle worries. Have you ever talked about a worry with someone before? If you found a worry now, who might you choose to share it with?