Reading 3.27

A Read-Aloud with...Mrs. Smith!

We've read books about worrying this week.  We've learned about different ways characters have handled worries and obstacles (things that may get in your way and frustrate you).  Today we're going to read a book that gives us something to think about when we've run into things that frustrate or worry us.  We've talked before about having a growth mindset. 
Growth Mindset Poster for Kids – Big Life Journal










Sometimes it's a struggle to have a growth minset because giving up, or having a fixed mind set, is definitely easier.  But, does your heart feel good when you give up?  My heart doesn't.  Giving up, or having a fixed mindset, makes my heart feel sad and defeateed.

It's Raining Resources!: Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset. I think ... 

Let's go ahead and read our story to find out how having a growth mindset can help us when we're feeling worried or discouraged.