Reading 3.31

Today's Read-Aloud

Today's read-aloud is a special story of friendship.  Not only is this a beautiful story, it also has some similes sprinkled throughout it.  As you're listening to it, try to find all of the similes in the story.  Think about what the author is trying to say through each simile. 

Before Reading

  • What is memory?  
  • What does it mean when someone has “lost their memory?”
  • This story is about a little boy named Wilfrid who tries to help his good friend find her memory.  Make a prediction about how he might accomplish (you say that word like "uh-com-plish") this task.

After Reading

  • How does Wilfrid know the people in the nursing home?
  • Why is Miss Nancy Wilfrid’s favorite person in the nursing home?
  • Why does each person give Wilfrid a different answer to his question, “What’s a memory?”
  • There are many items in the memory box.  What are some of those items and why do you think Wilfrid chooses this item for the memory box?
  • How do you think Miss Nancy feels at the end of the story?

Art Connection

Everyday Artist: Tribute to a Life - A Memory Collage








If you're feeling a little bored at home, and you'd like to be creative you can make a memory collage! A collage is an art form. A collage is a piece of art made by gluing various materials, such as pictures, photographs, pieces of paper or pieces of fabric onto a backing. To do this, you'll ask a grown-up if you can collect pictures from old magazines or draw pictures that represent each answer to Wilfrid’s question, “What is a memory? The pictures you choose (to find in a magazine or to draw) should reflect:

  1. Memories are long ago
  2. Memories make you laugh
  3. Memories make you cry
  4. Memories are warm
  5. Memories are precious as gold 

Things you'll need: 

  1. Magazines or other printed materials
  2. Large white paper
  3. Glue 

​​​​​​​If you'd like me to share your collage with your friends, please have a grown-up send me a picture of your collage through Class Dojo.