Accelerated Reader


What is A.R.?


AR stands for Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is a GREAT computer software program at our school that monitors student reading of certain designated Accelerated Reader books. In this program, students read books of their choice and take short quizzes on the computers at school. The child can be read to, read with, or they can read independently. Students must receive a score of 80% to be considered passing. These quizzes can be taken at library time or in the regular classroom. The student, the teacher and the parents then receive feedback on the students' performance. These quizzes do not count towards report card grades.


Every book for which there is an (AR) quiz has a point value based on its readability and length. This level is found on a label attached to the books binder or inside the back cover of a book. The first number indicates the grade level. For example, 3.9 means the 9 month of 3rd grade. The second number indicates the point value of the book. For example, .5 means a half point. Longer books and books written at higher levels are worth more points than short, easy books. After a student takes a quiz, he/ she receives points base on the book's point value and how well he/she did on the quiz. For example if the book was worth .5 and the child got all 5 questions correct, they would receive .5 points. If they got 4/5 correct they would receive .4 points etc.. If your child is unable to pass the quizzes, it means they are choosing a book which is above their reading level. They can not go back and re-take any quizzes. Once a quarter your child will receive a report that shows you the points your child has scored on the quizzes and the points they have accumulated.

We are  encouraging all students to participate in this excellent program and would like parents to help out by having your kids read at home. It's a great way to insure that your child will succeed in school. Listed below is a link for you to search all the available AR book quizzes. When you take your child to the library, buy a book from a book order or book store, or give relatives ideas for gifts, be sure to check out this list and get your child AR books! Be sure to look for the book level to get the appropriate book.