Can you determine paternity by eye color?

If you are someone who is expecting their first child and trying to figure out their paternity without the help of dna testing center Austin tx and how they are going to look can be quite stressful. After a few weeks of birth, you will see that the new baby shares many facial features that might have come from both parents, and if you are thinking about DNA paternity testing, Face DNA can really help you with this task. In addition to that, our facial recognition app can also determine if two persons are related with the help of their images. In addition, it is more likely an online picture DNA test that generates highly authentic results.



Genetics is one of the foundations that determines what your child will look like. After conception, one set of DNA from each of the parents will determine the primary features of the child. In addition, there are certain genes that can overpower the other traits and reduce them. Similarly, there are also many other possibilities; meanwhile, scientists are still trying to understand how these genes work. However, which genes your child is going to inherit is still a mystery. However, there are still some things that will help you to determine the feature that might be inherited by your child.


Hair Color


The color of the hair cannot be judged by a single gene. Meanwhile, there are several genes that come together in order to determine hair color. The genes will regulate what is mostly known as melanocytes. These are the cells that determine what will be the color of the hair. In addition, the color of the baby’s hair is not set in stone. During the phase of puberty, the hair can change due to the enhancement of the hormones.


The color of the eye:


There are many children who are born with grayish and blue eyes. However, it takes six months for the eye colors to stabilize. This happens due to the pigment-producing cells that need light to produce exposure to light. Most of the time, you can even guess what kind of color your child is going to have. As a result, eye color can help you determine paternity.


If both of the parents have blue eyes, there are chances that the child is also going to have blue eyes.

In addition, if both of the parents have brown eyes. There is a higher chance that the child is also going to have brown eyes.

Moreover, if one parent has brown eyes and the other one has blue eyes, there is a 50/50 chance the child will have brown eyes.

Additionally, this all depends upon the recessive and dominant genes that each of the parents has. However, one thing is certain if both of the parents have brown there is no chance that the child is going to have blue colored eyes. You don’t need to perform DNA testing to know that.

The clue to paternity:

Before going for a paternity test, it would be better to spend a few minutes looking at your child’s eye color, and you might get the answer you are looking for. According to professionals, the human eye color reflects a simple, predictable, and authentic genetic patten of inheritance. According to a study, if both of the parents have blue eyes and the child does not have blue eyes, that means the blue eye male is not the biological father of the child. In addition to that, blue-eyed men are more attracted to women who also have blue eyes. This happens because the woman displays a trait that increases his paternal confidence.

Moreover, there also have been experiments performed where females were provided with a male close-up picture with two eyes color, one blue and the other brown. The women didn’t discriminate against the models in contrast to their eye color. On the other hand, when this test was performed on men with brown eyes, they also had the same reaction. However, when blue-eyed men were asked to take the test, most of those men rated blue-eyed models as more attractive than brown eye. This might be due to the same facial attribute.

Furthermore eye color of your child can help you determine the paternity of your child at the initial phase. However, if you are still not satisfied with this, you can also use our facial recognition app, as it uses one of the best online picture DNA test capabilities to provide you with authentic and reliable results. Come to use, and you won't be disappointed.