Can my child bring toys to school?



Can my child ride the bus?

Yes, IF they have reached their fourth birthday and there is an adult AT ALL TIMES with them when the bus picks them up and drops them off.  If there is not an adult present, they will NOT be able to ride the bus. 


Can I eat lunch with my child?

Of course.  Please come to our classroom by 9:55 in order to walk down the hall with our class.  Our parents ALWAYS enter from our room.  They do not go to the office to sign in for any reason.  ALso, lunches from fast food resturants is not allowed.  Please do not bring.


Can I drop my child off at the front with a sibling?

NO.  Our students are to be signed in and signed out every time they come to school.  The person dropping off and picking up the student must be on the emergency contact list.  We will check identification until we become familiar with you.  Siblings CANNOT be dropped off at our room and allowed to walk in the hall to their classroom.  I am sorry if this causes problems, but it is for your child's safety.  Signing in/out by approved/authorized adults  is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure their safety.


Can I send soft drinks/cola for my child during snack time?

No.  We encourage healthy snacks to be sent each day.   Please write your child's name on snack and drink.   A lunch bag or large ziplock bag with their name on it is best.