Classroom Daily Assignments

Weekly Assignments for November 12 - 16, 2012

                           Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday      Friday

Reading                    If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 - read and quiz on next Tuesday!

                                       Weekly review of skills quiz will be on Friday.

                                       Comprehension checks on assigned readings will be daily   (RL.3.1, RL.3.2, RL.3.3, RL.3.5, RL.3.6)

Spelling                            5 times each         sentences             spelling sort             crossword               Test

Vocabulary                     Define vocab         fill in blank            sentences                vocab review            Test 

Writing                    Research Project in class:  Topic:  Farm animal of choice-  5 paragraph essay (Typing)

Language Arts            Handwriting             Handwriting             Handwriting            Handwriting                Handwriting

Math        Multiplication 9 as a factor            9 as a factor         9 as a factor            Quiz on 9's                  Test on 9's

Science                                Our Land and Resources -   1.  climate     2.  desert    3.  natural resources    4.  pollution