Science Study Guide

Study guide will be posted here one week prior to the Science test.

 Mrs. Smith and Ms. Romero

Chapter 16 Test is Friday, May 13. This Science Test will not be open book. Students should study their workbook pages, class notes, and re-read Chapter 16 in their text book. The FCAT Test Prep given for homework is another excellent resource for studying.  

What you need to know:


·         What is the definition of work

·         Where to place the fulcrum if you want to lift a very heavy load with the least amount of effort

·         What happens when additional pulleys are added to a compound pulley system

·         What factors affect the amount of force needed to push a load up an inclined plane

·         Know the six kinds of simple machines: pulley, wheel and axle, wedge, lever, screw, inclined plane

·         Examples of each kind of simple machine

·         How each kind of simple machine functions

·         Ways in which simple machines help make tasks easier