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Mrs. Moss'  Kindergarten News

Welcome to Kindergarten and Shadowlawn Elementary. 

Thank you so much for your support this school year!

I am very thankful to be spending each day with your child. 


Your child will be expected to follow the school wide FALCON'S Guidelines and

practice self control in their homeroom class, as well as other classes.

Falcon Guidelines:

F - Follow Directions

A - Always Be Responsible

L - Lead by Example

C - Control Yourself

O - Offer to Help Others

N - Never Give Up

S - Speak with Kindness


Classroom Discipline Plan – “How’s the Weather”: 

Sunny – Good Day

Partly Cloudy – Warning

Cloudy – Loss of 5 minutes recess or free time

Rainy – Loss of 10 minutes recess or free time

Thunderstorm – Phone call or note home with loss of recess or free time


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

Phone: (904) 529-1007


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