Are you looking for a professional online SMSF auditor? Well, SMSF audits are compulsory in Australia and needs the professional examination and completion by a registered ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Auditors should not be related either in financial or business means with the SMSF trustees, and should also not have any financial interest in the fund.


SMSF Auditor Brisbane is held accountable when examining financial statements and checking its compliance with Superannuation law. If any non-compliance is found, he/she should report the same to the trustees and also to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office). SMSFs should be audited every year and hence, a registered and experienced auditor needs to be appointed at least 45 days before the due date of fund’s annual return to ATO. Even if there is no contribution has made to the fund and no benefits are paid, you have to perform an audit of your self-managed super funds.

Recently, the government has proposed that the annual self managed superannuation fund audit should be done once every three years for funds with a record of good law compliance and record-keeping. This proposal has received wide criticism from both auditors and fund trustees. It is conceived that 3 year audit policy won’t bring any benefit to trustees and may weaken the system integrity. Regardless of the latest changes in SMSF law, you need professional assistance for accounts auditing.

You can search for self managed superannuation fund audit Brisbane in the online platform. Look at some reliable registers for valid auditors who have valid register number that they have to provide on SMSF returns. ATO states that the number of auditors has been decreased a lot, regardless of the increase in the number of self managed super funds. It reveals that the SMSF audit niche is merging.

SMSF Auditor Online Brisbane does a thorough audit of both financial and law compliance of self managed super funds. During the financial audit analysis, they ensure that the fund’s financial statements are complying with the Australian Auditing standards. With a compliance audit, you can be sure that your fund is complied with all superannuation legislation.

These professionals complete their law compliance and financial audits and also submit an independent auditor report to the ATO.  This report is given to the SMSF trustees within 28 days once the auditor received all documentation. Trustees have to work with the auditor to correct any violations of law as it is one of the responsibilities of fund members. Once the reports are clear, the audited annual reports are submitted to the ATO and tax duties are paid.

So, as a responsible SMSF trustee, you have to get your fund audited by a reliable and professional auditor. This will assure you consistent compliance with Australian super legislation.  There are many reputed firms having expertise in self managed super fund auditing. You have to search a lot and examine deeply for choosing the most reliable and reasonable auditor for your SMSF.