What are we learning in STEP?

This has been an exciting few days. I have met with all the STEP classes and am so pleased with the students' enthusiasm for learning!

Grade 3

The 3rd graders have begun their journey into the STEP program with a unit on Conservation.

In this unit, students will learn about natural resources, various forms of energy and endandered and threatened animals.

In class they will learn how to research a topic using various types of media and will conclude the unit with a project on Endangered Animals. Though some work can be done at home, the majority will be done in class.

We will discuss ways to make our planet "greener" and what we can do to save animals from extinction.

Grade 4

The 4th graders are already busy learning about the Systems of the Human Body.

They will be using the skills they learned last year to research one organ found in the body, then present to the class a detailed report on their topic, in the form of a power point presentation.

In addition, we will discuss how the systems and organs of the body depend upon each other and work together.

To conclude the unit on conservation, the class will build an animal (that they have all agreed upon), and make the organs to go inside.