Your child will bring home a daily planner and a take home folder with their homework assignments, papers we have worked on in class, newsletter for the week, and a report of their behavior for the day that will be color coded on the planner. Please review these papers with your child and sign your name or intials in the planner each day, so I will know that you saw them.  Don’t forget to send the planner back to class each day. In this way we can communicate with each other. I will have students use their crayon to color a circle to show what color their behavior was for the day.  The following is what each color represents for your child’s behavior:

Green – Perfect day
Orange - Warning
Yellow –Lose 10 minutes of recess; call parent
Blue – Lose all recess privileges; short form
Red – Office; long form

If the behavior is disruptive to the class I may also call you during the school day and ask you to speak with your child about his/her behavior. If I feel it is necessary I will write a quick note in the planner to briefly describe behavior.