100 Book Challenge


100 Book Challenge 

Procedures for Parents


Step 1:  Sit with two to five books in a quiet area.

Step 2:  Read consecutively for fifteen minutes.  NO INTERRUPTIONS!

Step 3:  Choose ONE book and discuss the weekly focus (i.e. characters and setting).

Step 4:  Record (LOG) that SAME book as ONE STEP on your log sheet.  Be sure to include the step number, title, level, date, and a Coach’s signature (you, the parent). 

It is important to remember that it is the amount of time that we are counting, not the amount of books.

15 minutes = 1 step (1st grade requirement)

30 minutes = 2 steps

45 minutes = 3 steps

60 minutes = 4 steps  

Students receive awards in class for different levels they reach. When they reach 100, 200,300 steps etc... they will receive a medal.  Cool