Mrs. Brigato ELA/SS


In reading, our focus is main idea/details, sequencing and comprehension.  Comprehension skills, sight words and blends are the focus in reading in order for students to move to the next level in IRLA.  We are wrapping up vowels and beginning diagraphs (blends).  We are also learning about past, present and future tenses of verbs.


In writing, we are focusing on writing more than one sentence.  We continued practicing this week writing one sentence and then a second sentence with a detail pertaining to the first sentence.  Journal HW should be the same -- students should write 2 complete sentences from the prompts next to a check mark.


Sight words for the words for the next two weeks are: soon, good, they, say, well, pretty.  Quite a few children are struggling with the many "w" words (what, went, want, who, where, etc.) as well as the "th" words (this, that, the, there, etc.) - these made need some extra practice.  


We learned about Presidents and patriots in Social Studies.


Please review ALL PAPERS sent home from ELA.  I take the time to read and review every piece of paper that the kids complete and make notes on a lot of them.  It will give you an indication of work completed or work incomplete, work well done, areas of improvement, suggestions, etc. 






"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb