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Other Information


SUPPLIES: Our classes are running low on glue sticks.  We could also use a few boxes of plastic spoons.  If you would be willing to send in some of these items, we would appreciate it.    

TREASURE BOXES:  We are always in need of new items for our treasure boxes.  If you are willing to donate or purchase items for our treasure boxes, we would appreciate it.  The kids love matchbox cars, small plastic animals and dinosaurs, bouncy balls, stamps, wands/tiaras/rings/necklaces, card games, etc.

TYING SHOES:  Tying shoes is something that needs to be learned and practiced at home.  Please work with your student at home on this important skill.

SNACK/WATER BOTTLE: A reminder to send a NUT FREE snack with your child EACH day.  Water bottles filled with water should also be sent in each day. No juice, Gatorade, tea, flavored water, etc. allowed for snack.  Please send water in a no-spill container - we have had a ton of spills lately with open-top style bottles.

JACKETS:  As students start to bring jackets, please LABEL your students jacket.  As the weather cools, we end up with 20 blue Imagine jackets and they get mixed up if not labeled.  Embroidery is a good way to ensure that your students jacket makes it way home each day!


Get 2 Months for $5!