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We are in desperate need of glue sticks. The kids keep going through them like crazy.

Imagine Hawaiian Luau Gala:  The adult only Imagine Hawaiian Luau Gala is Friday, March 6th at the Rusty Pelican.  Its a annual fun fundraising event for adults only.  Details can be found at www.imaginelolgala.com  Each class will be be responsible for a themed class basket - details will be coming soon.  If you'd like to help, please email imaginelolgala@gmail.com   

TREASURE BOXES:  We are always in need of new items for our treasure boxes.  If you are willing to donate or purchase items for our treasure boxes, we would appreciate it.  The kids love matchbox cars, small plastic animals and dinosaurs, bouncy balls, stamps, wands/tiaras/rings/necklaces, card games, etc.

TYING SHOES:  We are at the half way mark of Kindergarten -- tying shoes is an important skill that should be mastered at this point. Pleae ensure that you are practicing this skill at home until mastery.

SNACK/WATER BOTTLE: A reminder to send a NUT FREE snack with your child EACH day.  Water bottles filled with water should also be sent in each day (we have had lots of students lately with no water bottoles).  Juice, Gatorade, tea, flavored water, etc. are allowed for lunch but are NOT allowed in the classroom.  Please send water in a no-spill container - we have had a ton of spills lately with open-top style bottles.

JACKETS:  As students bring jackets, please LABEL your students jacket.  If you student's jacket does not come home, please look in our lost and found located in the main hallway near the front office.