Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use

What are Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use?

1. Copyright- This gives the producer of the website certain rights to use and benefit from. Some of these policies that students and teachers should be aware of are found in the Acceptable Use Policy and the guidelines for fair use of the published materials (Roblyer, 2015).

2. Plagiarism- This is when someone takes the work and credit of someone else's original work. Plagiarism is also known as cybercheating (Roblyer, 2015). A tool that you could use to check plagiarism can be found at Plagiarism Checker.  Another tool that many schools and universities use is

3. Fair Use- This gives a few rights to people who want to share concepts of the copyrighted materials without having to gain full permission from the original producer of the website (Roblyer, 2015).

Here is a visual aide to use when becoming familiar with Copyright and Fair Use.








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