Curriculum and Assessment

Children will be assessed for skills in a number of areas including academic skills, ability to work cooperatively with others, individual work skills, applying a demonstrated effort to learn, participation, and organization of materials.  Academic tests will include basic paper and pencil assessments, as well as writing samples and projects. I am happy to share information about your child’s progress at any time.  Feel free to contact me by phone or email.

These are some of the many skills your second grader will learn this year!

Reading and Writing
  • read with fluency, expression, and comprehension
  • demonstrate reading comprehension by predicting outcomes and identifying main themes with supporting details
  • decode words using phonics, context, and word order
  • employ basic research skills
  •  write paragraphs using proper capitalization and punctuation


  • evaluate and use information gathered from different types of graphs
  • tell time to the quarter hour
  • count, add, and subtract dollars and cents with a decimal point
  • add and subtract three digit numbers
  • know place value to the thousands

Social Studies and Science

  • recognize historical figures and know their contributions
  • find their hometown on a map
  • recognize the diverse nature of people in the community
  • identify parts and functions of plants and animals
  • begin to understand life cycles

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