6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies Website.

In this website, you will be learning about Social Studies in the Industrial Revolution.

For each class, there have been handouts handed to you and you have picked your invention already.

Find your Inventions' name (which has been put in alphabetical order) and follow the next instructions on your handout.

 Invention About the Inventor About the Invention
 Bifocal Glasses Benjamin_Franklin Bifocal_Glasses

Brewster's kaleidoscope

 Brewster Kaleidoscope Invention

Brindley's Worsley-Manchester Canal

 Brindley Canal Invention
Carbonated Water Joseph_Priestley Carbonated_Water
 Cartwright's power loom Cartwright Power Loom Invention
 Chemical Battery Alessandro_Volta Chemical_Battery
 Crompton's spinning mule  Crompton Spinning Mule
 flying shuttle Flying Shuttle Inventor Flying_Shuttle
 Hargreaves' "Spinning Jenny" Hargreave Spinning_Jenny
 Hot Air Balloon Montgolfier_Brothers Hot_Air_Balloon

Leslie's differential thermometer

    Leslie the Inventor   Differential_Thermometer
 Leslie's pyroscope Pyroscope
 Leslie's photometer Photometer
 Leslie's aethrioscope Aethrioscope
 Leslie's hygrometer Hyrogometer
 Modern Piano Bartolomeo_Cristofori Modern_Piano
 Newcomen Steam Engine Newcomen Steam_Engine
 Northrop Loom
James Northrop

Northrop Loom

 Paul's Roller Spinning Machine Paul Spinnine_Machine
 Robert Fulton's "steamboat"Robert Fulton Steamboat
 Stephenson's "steam powered train" Stephen Steam_Powered_Train
 Thomas' Iron Aqueducts Thomas_Telford Iron_Aqueducts
 Tulls' horse hoe (Gernhard) Tull  Horse_Hoe
 Tull's Seed Drill Seed_Drill
 Water Frame Water Frame Inventor Water_Frame
 Watts' Steam Engine Enhancement Watt Steam_Engine_Enhancement
 Willowing Machine Willowing Maching Inventor Willowing_Machine



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