spinning mule 1

In 1779, Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule that combined the moving carriage of the spinning jenny with the rollers of the water frame. The spinning mule gave the spinner great control over the weaving process, many different types of yarn could be produced. It was improved upon by William Horrocks, known for his invention of the variable speed batton in 1813.

All the inventors of the eighteenth century had difficulty over their patents. Resentment was felt by contemporaries for people who controlled something so intangible and so desirable as an exclusive right to make a necessary machine probably prevented Samuel Crompton from obtaining for his " spinning mule " the patent, which was then patented by the famed industrialist Richard Arkwright. It took Samuel Crompton over five long years to invent and perfect the Spinning Mule. Crompton supported his inventing by working as a violinist at the Bolton Theatre for pennies a show, spending all his wages on the development of the spinning mule.

Spinning Mule