Northrop Loom 1

The Northrop Loom was a fully automatic power loom marketed by Greorge Draper Co. , Hopedale Massachusetts in 1895. It was named after James Henry Northrop who invented the shuttle-charging mechanism.

Northrop worked as a mechanic and foreman, and he invented a spooler guide while employed by Draper. Later, he tried to be a chicken farmer, but was unsuccessful. It was at this time that he worked on his shuttle-charger for Otis Draper, who saw a model of the device on March 5, 1889. Draper was also developing the Rhoades shuttle-charger. Northrop was given a loom to test his idea.

By May 20 he concluded that his first idea was not practical, and thought of another idea, On July 5, the completed loom was running, and as it seemed to have more advantages than the Rhoades loom. The Northrop device was given a mill trial in October 1889 at the Seaconnent Mills in Fall River. More looms were constructed.

Meanwhile he invented a self-threading shuttle and shuttle spring jaws to hold a bobbin by means of rings on the butt. This paved the way to his filling-changing battery of 1891, the basic feature of the Northrop loom. Other members of the Draper organization had developed a workable warp stop motion which was also included. The first Northrop looms were marketed in 1894.