Today, there are many software in the field of clothing design that have made pattern design much easier for clothing designers. In fact, it is the result of technological advances in fashion and clothing. That is why in training costume courses, great importance is given to teaching these softwares. One of the most popular clothing design software is Gemini software. In most costume design classes, the first software that is taught to students is Gemini software. That's why some costume design classes have been renamed digital costume design classes.

Gemini costume design course

Benefits of Gemini Clothing Design Software

Drag the pattern in the shortest time
Gemini clothing design software is often used to draw accurate and fast patterns. Also, costume designers, after drawing the pattern, can virtually see it as a mannequin body and fix its flaws. It may take a while for a costume designer to draw a pattern and change it, but if you use Gemini costume design software, it will do so in the shortest time possible. And then it will solve the existing problems with a few simple clicks in a fraction of the time.

Tools and functions
The facilities, tools and functions that exist in Gemini clothing design software have made many things in designing clothing patterns very simple and fast for you. This software has amazing functions with which you can design many parts of the clothing pattern without the slightest amount of error.

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Archiving and classifying patterns
Another benefit of using Gemini clothing design software is the ability to archive and sort your patterns. You can save all the patterns you draw in one file. And it is possible to send, transfer and move templates easily through the Internet or download output files.

Implement patterns on fabric

If you want to manually draw the patterns you designed in Gemini software on the fabric, the output file can be easily displayed on plotter devices. And you can easily use it after printing the design in real size.