When in need, Cin7 Support will help you

Cin7 is inventory management software. It helps a company regulate the flow of inventory and thus reduce the cost as well as time. It ensures a smooth link between companies and customers.


It works for brands who want to increase their revenue by over $1 million. Cin7 help in integrating offline and online sales. It synchronizes the stock with the incoming orders and helps you manage your inventory better.


Cin 7 Support works according to your business model. It integrates your channels, and it helps in automating all the processes. It helps in forming a globally connected channel.


Cin 7 Help is cloud-based. It works totally on the internet. This ensures that it is fast and more cost-effective. The process of helping a business includes various steps:


  1. Scoping: Cin7 analyses the channels of your business and its reach. They also check your warehousing needs, suppliers’ record, manufacturing status and also the needs of your customers. Cin7 Help provides recommendations to improve your business and make it reach your goals faster.

  2. On boarding: Cin7 then transfers all the data extracted from scoping to set a deadline. They ensure the fastest implementation of the best strategy possible. They also provide you with the material to train your staff and help in further set up your business.

  3. Accountancy Management: The Company will assign you an on-staff manager. He will help you with all the accounts after the on boarding process is complete. He will ensure that you meet your deadline. He also helps in resolving any issue that may arise during the run of your business.

  4. Dedicated team for EDI: Cin7 provides you with a dedicated team that will test everything. It will test your integration with supply chains, including wholesale stores, retail stores and supermarkets. Cin 7 Support ensures that the EDI requirements are as per your customers’ needs.

  5. Cin 7 Support: There is a team of specialists that will help you in every step of your journey. They will guide you in case of any difficulty. You will be provided with a dedicated member of your team so that you get extra attention. It will also ensure that you get resources in the time of need.


Features of Cin7:


  1. Pricing: Cin7 provides you with the best pricing. The pricing is competitive to other Bigcommerce Support softwares. It ensures that you have the least cost and best services. It understands the effort and resources it takes to start and run a business.

  2. Transparency: Cin7 Help provides you with all the data of demand and stock. It ensures that you do not have excess stock.

  3. Good Control: The software provides you with flexible and up-to-date control over your stock. It ensures that the owner does not lose confidence in his business.

  4. Insights and Reports: The software provides you with real-time guidance and suggestions. The tools available help you customize the reports as and when you like them.