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What is the best way to clean Solar Panels?


According to research, solar panels lose their efficiency if they are not cleaned from time to time. Dirty solar panels are failing to give desired electricity output.  Furthermore, heavily soiled solar panels with bird droppings should be cleaned necessarily. Because dirt slides off panels and blocks the sunlight that affects the electricity output from the panels. This kind of situation requires Solar Panel Cleaning Services.




 There are other many causes that make solar panels dirty including:


  • Due to air pollution that contains particulate substances such as dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and drops of liquid.
  • If the panels have been installed near construction sites, the dust will accumulate on them and make them dirty.
  •  If the panels are directly exposed to a downwind highway, a factory, or an agricultural field, these conditions will make panels dirty enough to clean them immediately.   


Solar Panel Cleaning Companies provide you the best services to clean your panels. They are able to eliminate debris from the glass panels with required tools and other cleaning products like soap, and water to clean them efficiently. As they know their job perfectly, they will perform the cleaning process without any damage to the panels and if they find damage, they can also recommend further services.  They may advise you of some care tips that will help you to keep panels clean. 

Cleaning procedure of Solar Panels:

There are two ways of cleaning panels, either you can hire a Solar Panel Cleaning Service or you can try to do it by yourself. But it will be more helpful to hire a professional because they are well trained to do it. Various  Solar Panel Cleaning Services Near Me will offer the cleaning services for free of cost as it is included in the annual maintenance service. So, it will be a good option to hire a solar repair Service Near Me because not only will you get a free cleaning service but the company will be able to monitor your solar panels’ performance also. 



It may be possible that some companies cost the cleaning services separately, in that case, the maintenance cost will be higher. So, you need to learn some basics steps to clean the solar panels by yourself. You can clean your solar panels by using a hose with soapy water gently. You can clean them in the same manner as you do with your car. The one important thing that you should keep in mind while cleaning panels is not to scratch them. So, use a non-abrasive sponge to implement soapy water.


According to the experts, if you want effective cleaning, you should hire professionals to perform the task because they will thoroughly clean your solar panels and clean each corner of them properly. They can eliminate any kind of debris without damaging the glass of the panels. Also, they can alert you about the performance of the solar panels whether they are functioning perfectly or not. Additionally, they can tell you what kind of maintenance your panels need like it can be mechanical, electrical, or clean.   

Depending on factors like the height of the house, size of the system the Solar Panel Cleaning Cost Near Me can be between $3 and $10 per panel. Some companies may charge between  $150 to $350 which is a flat rate for Solar Panel Cleaning Cost.

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