Taizhou Huangyan Solidco Mould Co.,Ltd.

With an advanced design system,SOLIDCO MOULD is responsible for forward-looking research and new product development.By completing UG, SOLIDWORKS, Plastic Injection Moulds Manufacturers FLOW,PRO/E,AUTOCAD ,CATIA software,the company optimizes the part and mould design to improve the mould performance.

All the Motorcycle Mould making only can be started when the detailed mould drawings are finished and confirmed!Hot runner with 6 valve gates, from the fill process, we can see hesitation on the top center. And there are weld lines on the main surface.No.1 opened first, when the melt front reached the No.2&3 gates, No.2&3 opened, then the No.4&5 opened, in this mode .the top side may filled before the underside.