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1. Identify all functions of a wetland

A. Regulates runoff

B. Increases runoff

C. Provides food and shelter for animals

D. Removes groundwater

E. Maintains water quality

F. Reduces erosion


2. Most of Earth's fresh water is found

A. the ice caps

B. rivers and lakes

C. deep ground water

D. water vapor

3. Materials that allow water to easily pass through them are

A. impermeable

B. permeable

C. unsaturated

D. saturated

4. An estuary is a wetland found —

A. around a lake

B. where salt water mixes with fresh water

C. near a river

D. where small streams drain into larger streams

5. What property of water best explains why the air on a beach may be 28 degrees Celsius, but the water is 17 degrees Celsius?

A. Specific heat

B. Cohesion

C. Adhesion

D. Surface Tension