Ways of A Watershed & Weathering



Use the website above to answer the questions below on your own paper you have two choices for the answer.


1)watershed or hydrologic cycle- An area of land from which rain and melting snow drain into a river, stream, or other body of water.


2) Dogs and Cats shed their fur, snakes shed their skin. In a watershed, the land . SHEDS WATER  or SHEDS SOIL.


3) Watershed boundaries are defined by the SHAPE OF THE RIVER OR SHAPE OF THE LAND


4) GEOLOGY OR TOPOGRAPHY- Shape, height, and depth of the land.


5) Any water that falls inside the tub (a.WATERSHED OR RIVER LOAD) will eventually go down the drain (b.RIVER OR HIGHWAY) carrying dirt and soap .


6) Everything that happens in the Potomac River Watershed has an impact on the river and CHESAPEAKE BAY orTempton Bay.


7) What are two places a watershed can get water from?


8) Even though you may not live right near the ocean, does things that you do affect the watershed and why? 



Click on the link below and go through the simulation.


First click on Introduction and read about erosion. Next click on investigation read the direction how to use the simulator.  Go through and make changes to the soil treatment, amount of water and incline at least twice. Write down your setting for each trail and the outcome.

9. Setting and outcome___

10. Setting and outcome___