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Weather Unit Activities

  1. How many layers of the atmosphere are there?
  2. What holds them to the earth?
  3. Which layer extends out into space?
  4. Where are the northern lights produced?

Press “Test Yourself”

  1. What was your score?

Press and play the video and answer the questions below.


  1. What changes air pressure?
  2. What’s a convention cell?
  3. What’s a downdraft?
  4. What’s a updraft?
  5. What causes wind?

Press “Test Yourself”

  1. What was your score?


  1. What is an air mass?
  2. What happens at a cold front?
  3. What happens at a warm front?
  4. What is humidity?

Press “Test Yourself”

  1. What was your score?


Make three different changes to the simulator and write down the two temperature settings and amount of moist in the air for each.

  1. Describe what the weather was like for each of the three you set.

  1. How did you do on the game?


Click on “drifting balloon”  

  1. Explain why the balloon keeps changing directions over the 24 hour period.
  2. Why does it move towards land sometimes and towards the water other times?


Set the funnel size and speed to three different setting

  1. Describe what happens at each setting. Be sure to write down the setting as well.

See your teacher for materials and create the tornado


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