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Week of Feb 6 - 10

The Water Cycle  

  • Monday 1/30 - Begin Poster - Evaporation and Transpiration / HW Fusion 208 - 210
  • Tuesday 1/31 - Continue Poster - Condensation and Precipitation / HW Fusion 211 - 212
  • Wednesday 2/1 - Continue Poster - Runoff / HW Fusion 213 - 216 not #18
  • Thursday 2/2- Energy and the Water Cycle - Complete Poster and all written information    
  • Friday 2/3- Video on Water Cycle / 4th and 5th periods finish Earth as a System Concept Map

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Learning Goal: Students will understand how the cycling of water between the hydrosphere and atmosphere affects weather patterns and climate.



I understand how matter and energy flow through Earth’s systems and how human civilization can be affected by these interactions


I can identify the effects this movement of water has on Earth’s weather and climate.


I recognize the forms of energy required to move water between Earth’s systems.


I can identify processes that move water between Earth’s systems (hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, etc.)


I know that water commonly exists in three phases on Earth.