Science - Weather Patterns

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Week of Feb 13 - 24

Weather Patterns         

Monday 2/13 - Elements of Weather / HW Fusion 220 - 226

Tuesday 2/14 Wednesday 2/22 - Weather Stations: (2 days at each station)

  • Station 1: Air Masses / Wild Weather Challenge
  • Station 2: Ocean Surface Currents
  • Station 3: Air Masses and Weather

Wednesday 2/22 - HW Fusion 229 - 234, not #4 

Thursday 2/23 - Weather Report - interpreting a weather map / HW Fusion 235 - 240


        for more information about Earth's weather click on the links below:




Learning Goal: Students will understand how the cycling of water, and other global patterns affect weather.


I understand how matter and energy flow through Earth’s systems and how human civilization can be affected by these interactions


I can describe the likely weather that will be produced when two different air masses interact.


I understand how masses of air are influenced by the land and water they form over.


I know that the movement of water and air are the two main factors that influence weather.


I know the various elements of weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, air pressure) that are used to describe weather.