Science - Mr Johnson Earth as a System

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Week of Jan 30 - Feb 3

Earth as a System  

  • Monday 1/30 - Earth's Spheres - Circle Map / HW Fusion 132-137 not #12
  • Tuesday 1/31 - Earth's Spheres - Components / Fusion Digi-lesson / HW Fusion 138-139
  • Wednesday 2/1 - Spheres Interacting - Concept Map / HW Fusion 140-141
  • Thursday 2/2Spheres Interacting - Concept Map HW Fusion 140-141  
  • Friday 2/3

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Learning Goal: Students will be able to explain how Earth functions as a system by describing how it’s spheres interact with one another.



I understand how matter and energy flow through Earth’s systems and how human civilization can be affected by these interactions.


I can describe how Earth’s spheres interact and give examples of these interactions.


I can name the different spheres and identify representative parts of each sphere.


I know that Earth’s systems can be broken down into various spheres.


I understand that Planet Earth is made up of living things,

land, air, and water.