South Shore Reads offers a FREE consultation via phone or email to discuss your needs in-depth.

The fee for each forty-five minute, one-on-one tutoring session is as follows:

Your home*: $60 per session

Mutually agreed upon location (Plymouth library, local Starbucks, etc.): $50 per session

South Shore Reads location: $40 per session

Online tutoring: $30 per session

*Erin is available for tutoring in your home at the above stated rate for homes located within a twenty-mile radius of my location in Plymouth. Locations beyond twenty miles may require an additional travel fee.

Please Note:

- Each tutoring session is traditionally forty-five minutes in length, but can be customized as needed.

- Discounts for multiple sessions are offered. In addition, discounts for siblings and referrals are available.

- Erin is available for teacher consultation and training. Please email me at erinhcoogan@gmail.com for information and pricing.

- Prices subject to change. Advance notice (a minimum of 30 days) will be provided.