Course Outline

Señora Meade

Course Overview:  A one year course for students planning to study two or more years of Spanish.
Students will learn structure and grammar by learning Spanish through frequent conversations, listening,
reading. writing and role-play. Students will also explore, learn, and understand various Hispanic cultures and

Class Goals: 
The study of Spanish is an opportunity and window to seeing the world and becoming more global.
Students will gain the essential language and tools to become successful communicators both in the classroom and beyond. By studying various backgrounds and cultures, students will become aware, appreciative, and tolerant of experiences and viewpoints that are different from their own. Through teamwork and by having mutual respect, students will build friendships and learn to work with different classmates.

  By the end of this course, you will be able to……….

Speak   You can speak using sentences. You don’t always know every word, but you can           “talk around it” so you can be understood and get your point across.
Listen  You can generally follow and understand what is being said in Spanish by your  
        teacher and classmates.
Read     You can read simple passages with understanding and you can get the general 
         idea of simple texts.
Write    You can write sentences in the present tense.
Know    You will be familiar with Hispanic traditions and customs. 

This is a full immersion class.  This means that Spanish only will be used in the classroom to teach the lesson as well as to conduct classroom business.  Students are expected to ask questions and respond in Spanish.  In the case of a difficult explanation, I will use English to clarify for better understanding.  When the students are learning cultural topics some English will be used.  However, students will use only Spanish in the course of the lesson.
*I will explain this method of teaching to the students in depth within the first few days of classes and for the parents at open house.

Classroom Rules:  ONLY Two Rules…..
1.    Be considerate of your classmates and teacher.  Use your BEST manners and be kind to EVERYONE every day.
2.    Always do your BEST classwork and homework. (Always do your OWN work… you will not receive credit otherwise)

•    Included in the 7th grade curriculum is learning how to talk about birthdays and ages.  Students may bring in a treat to share with their classmates on their birthdays.  


Class participation……..40%


•    Homework will be assigned one – two nights during the week. (never on weekends, vacations, or birthdays)
•    If you are absent, the homework must be made up the following day and you must show it to me so I can give you credit.

  Quizzes and Tests

•    Quizzes will be given throughout each thematic topic and may include projects.
•    Tests will be given throughout each marking period.


•    Students will need the following materials each day.

    2 pens (blue or black ink only)  & 2 sharpened pencils (no clicky pens)
    1 box of colored pencils (can share with other classes)
    an agenda  
    You will also need a three ring binder to hold packets that you will receive each week in class.  This may be shared with other subjects but you need a section for Spanish only.

Thank you for taking the time to read this over with your parents.  I look forward to getting to know you and teaching you. Let’s have the BEST year ever!!!    

It is POSSIBLE for every student to do very well in this course. 

    Class Participation  

 How can a student earn a 100% each day?????P
Read the following pageRead the next page
Read the following page…………….

    Class Participation  

Each student begins every class period with a 100% for class participation.   Keeping it at 100% each day is up to you.  Follow these guidelines to maintain a 100% each class;

•    Use only Spanish for all classroom needs.
•    Bring all materials to class each day.
•    Be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings.
•    Participate in all speaking activities. (repetitions, songs, group/partner speaking    activities) 
•    Volunteer to answer questions.  Prepare the answer in your head after the teacher asks the question and be ready to answer.
•    Stay on assigned task in classroom.
•    Listen to oral work of other students and the teacher.

Every student comes to my class with different strengths. I expect each learner to do his or her best. Students are capable of more than they realize, and I strive to give them the tools to become lifelong learners and to discover and fulfill their true potentials.

Differentiation : Emphasis on Partner and Group work: I will create groups randomly and orderly to disperse various learning styles and student needs. Students have different learning styles therefore they will be grouped with other learners who complement them and bring out their strengths. I will utilize teamwork, role plays, songs, and games as often as possible to diversify learning and to add enjoyment to the class.

Fast Finishers: Students who complete assignments before the rest of the class will work on fast finisher activities that reinforce specific content standards or class lessons.

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