Caitlin Murphy, Queens, New York

I arrived in Buenos Aires in June 2010 and after taking 10 weeks of extensive group lessons I still had a lot of difficulty with having and maintaining conversations in Spanish. I knew that the only way to become conversational in Spanish was to take one-on-one classes. I started taking classes with Maria and found her lessons to be extremely helpful. Maria has the gift of discovering where you are in your abilities and then coming up with exercises to help you reach the next level in your studies. She has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation and has given me the confidence to finally say that I can speak conversational Spanish. I was very lucky to find such a patient and intuitive teacher! I highly recommend Spanish one to one lessons with Maria!!

Ivana Snircova, Prague, Czech Republic

I came to Buenos Aires in early November 2010 and stayed 7 weeks to improve my tango and learn Spanish. I contacted Maria in the first week. Thanks to her flexibility we could start almost immediately. I

took a 2-hour class every working day including Christmas Eve. :) At the start I spoke no Spanish at all, but after a couple of weeks I could read without difficulty, understand basic topics and actively respond! Maria was always well prepared for our meetings and could easily switch to another program according to my mood. She knows a lot about the history of Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America, and even more about books, art, movies and the like. She can help orientate people in this wonderful city, understand Argentinians and the local habits and is always prepared to advise on where to shop, take in the local culture, see the sights, markets, eat and drink. We explored many mutual interests and became good friends. Thanks Maria! I hope you will have such a nice time with all your students!

Barbara J. Bridges, New York, New York

Maria is a fantastic Spanish tutor. When I first arrived in Buenos Aires I took group classes at a language school. Although, I learned lots of grammar rules there, I didn't have the opportunity to practice my pronounciation or spelling. Maria, on the other hand, emphasized these two points.  She provided the one on one attention and customized curriculum that I needed to improve my language skills. Before then, I had been stuck in a rut.
Additionally, the fact that Maria is not only a native of Buenos Aires, but also has a masters degree was a huge plus. From Maria, I learned about both the language and the unique Porteno culture.  Taking classes with Maria was like having my own personal spanish professor.  Since, Maria is very educated, she has a large and extensive vocabulary. Unlike in group classes, or other tutors, with Maria you will find yourself learning vocabulary words that you are able to use in sophistacted conversations.  Of course, it is essential to learn the basics, however, it is also nice to be able to talk like an adult instead of an elementary school child. 
Finally, since Maria has taught many students of different nationality and ethniticities as well as spent time abroad (namely a year in the U.S.) she was great at providing cultural comparisions. This helped to provide me with an even deeper cultural understanding.
All and all, Maria was a great spanish tutor. I highly recommend her.

Constanze Schall, Lucerna, Switzerland
Hola todos,
I took several one to one classes last June/July and August with Maria and thanks to her patience, guidance, efforts, dedication and love for languages I was able to "survive and communicate" while travelling around South America for almost a year. The lessons where tailor made - fitted to my needs, fun, interesting and very different to what you would experience in a class room environment. From visits in museums, shopping malls, exhibitions, concerts and the occasional vino tinto I was always motivated and it was more than just a lesson. It was feeling, breathing and living the city. A wonderful experience and  the best "souvenir" I got for myself.
Thank you for your dedication and your time Maria!